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Here on the page you will find all kinds of hand saws that can be found in the assortment. All our handsaws are provided with a teflon coating, so you still have that extra strength during cutting. When we look at the saws we see that there are various options. You can opt for the Hand Saw 550MM with 11 TPI, however it is also possible to choose the Hand Saw 550MM with 9 TPI. Because of this wide range it is easy to find a suitable saw for every job. Of course it can always be that you have already bought a saw in the past. If this is the case then you can also go for the replacement blades. You do not have to buy a completely new saw, but you can simply equip your already purchased saw with a new blade. This makes it a much cheaper option. It would be a bit of a shame if you had to buy a new hacksaw every time. All of our handsaws are sufficiently strong to use when doing a job, making a beam or a plank well-made will never have to be a problem. The Multiblade hand saws, a must for every handyman!

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