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You know the proverb: ‘To measure is to know’. This is completely correct, because without measuring everything properly you can not! By always measuring everything properly, you ensure that all planks and such are of the right size. At Multiblade you can get one of the best sizes of the moment. The roll size that you see here is more than 5 meters long, making it an excellent addition for almost every job. Whether you need to measure the height of the ceiling or you want to know how long the table should be, with this tape measure you can immediately see how many centimeters a certain length is. In addition, this tape measure has a very handy magnetic hook, which keeps it hanging on metal surfaces. A good measure of size should be seen as an investment, because it is really true that a job can ultimately go wrong if it is not properly measured. So do not take a risk and order your roll size at Multiblade today, it will make it a lot easier!

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