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There will be a chance that you will have to cut some surfaces or that there are glue residues that need to be cut off when doing the jobs. At Multiblade you can purchase the best cutting multitool accessories for a low price, on this page you can find the complete overview of the cutting multitools that are available at the moment. All our attachments are made of strong material, and all our products are made and packaged in a sustainable manner. At this moment you can choose from a large number of shapes cut attachments: from a sickle shape to a straight segment blade. This large offer makes it possible to be prepared for every job in the best possible way, because every job requires a different form. This makes it possible to save a lot of money when buying, you only have to buy a number of attachments instead of a totally new device. Before buying an attachment, look at the type of material that needs to be cut. For example, you can better opt for a convex segment for cutting floor coverings. For the hard glue residues, a sickle-shaped attachment is better. By putting all the requirements together it is much easier to make a choice. All our multitools are very easy to attach to a multitool, this makes it possible to change the attachment directly. So a job will not take so much time. For a wide range of sharpening accessories for the multitool, you are sure to be good at Multiblade!

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