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On this page you see all types of attachments needed for sawing. Here on the site you can also find a considerable number of products. In this category of products you can find many different sizes and shapes, this makes it possible to find a suitable sheet for every job. The saws we offer from Multiblade are of the strongest material, the. You can choose from blades that are suitable for wood, but there is also the possibility to choose saw blades that are suitable for metal surfaces. By providing yourself with the various types of sheets you can do any job without problems. It is useful to take into account the tooth size, because it affects the type of surface that can be sawn. Thanks to the attachments for the multitool, every handyman can equip himself with a large number of tool types without having to use all kinds of devices. Changing a blade or saw is very fast, within a few seconds you are, as it were, ‘good to go’. Order today your first multitool accessories in the field of sawing and make yourself a lot easier during DIY!

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