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It can always happen that you are looking for attachments for the multitool to use when scraping. At Multiblade you are at the right address, on this page you can also see all these attachments. All our attachments are equipped with the highest quality you can find, this makes it possible to carry out every job to perfection. You can opt for the finger-shaped grater or for the triangle-shaped raps. Both forms have their advantages, so they can be used perfectly in combination with each other. This way you get the best of both worlds, as it were. You can use the scraper attachments for various types of jobs. for example, the removal of possible glue residues after a renovation or the removal of excess tile glue in the bathroom. All our multitools can be attached to the multitool within a few seconds. This simple way allows everyone to work in the most efficient way during DIY jobs. This technique makes it possible to use your multitool for various purposes, of course this is just the whole purpose behind a ‘Multi’ tool.Multiblade, the place to be for the best scraper multi tool!
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