Sanding is a crucial part of the jobs, by sanding you not only ensure that the wood is nicely finished but you also ensure that the paint will get better. This makes it possible to proceed in a much more effective way. The best way to tackle the sanding is of course using a sander, this powerful device smooths the entire surface in the easiest way. On this page you can see all types of sandpaper that are available at Multiblade. There is so much choice, this is a big advantage for people who work with various types of wood. You can choose from small grain or coarse grain, this will of course affect the finish of the plank. All our sandpaper is packed with 5 pieces, because of this number you can really get ahead. Before you start grinding, it is therefore useful to find out which grain would be handy for your job and what kind of finish you would like to see on the wood. Multiblade is available for all types of sandpaper, and that for a nice low price!

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