Of course it can always happen that you still have certain questions. These can relate to various types of topics. It may be that you would like to order a large batch, but it can also happen that you have some questions about the dimensions of a certain product. On this page you will find all our contact information. By submitting a message online using the form, you can get answers to all your questions as quickly as possible. One of our employees will talk to you as quickly as possible to help you clear all your doubts. If you want to call or email now? You can always do this, by calling (+31) (0) 85-8769755 or by emailing info@multiblade.com you can easily get answers to all questions that may come to mind.

    Contact Info

    Multiblade B.V.
    Harderwijkerweg 163
    3852AB Ermelo

    Phone: (+31)(0)85-8769755
    Email: info@multiblade.com
    Web: www.multiblade.com