Multiblade product range

Welcome to Multiblade, the site for all your DIY needs. From sawing to multitool accessories, on this page you can see all categories of products that currently fall under our range.

The various types of products

There are various types of products to be found. In the first place you can come to us for different types of hand tools. You can think of hand saws, metal saws or a measuring tape. These are of crucial importance to every handyman, without good saw blades it will be difficult to complete a job successfully. Apart from the hand tools it is also possible to purchase the multitool accessories, which is what Multiblade is known for. A-brands to cheaper alternatives that do not detract from the real work, for every handyman there will be enough material to equip the multitool with the most practical attachments. Finally, you can also buy sandpaper for a low price, which can be combined with the various attachments. A great offer for a low price, here Multiblade is a true star.
The products you see here on the page all consist of high quality. This is something that we value a lot from Multiblade, because the customer must have fun about his or her purchase. Our products are also packaged and produced in a sustainable manner. Why are we doing this? You can find this all at the ‘About us’ page. Hopefully you will find the job tools you need, if you have any questions you can always contact us to find out more!