Going to work sustainably

We live in a time where it is increasingly important to have a sustainable production process within the company. We at Multiblade are therefore of the opinion that sustainability should be of paramount importance. Unlike many other companies, we have packaging that is not bad for the environment. Our packaging therefore has no adverse effect on the animals and the climate. Let’s see what we do and why we think this is important!

Presentation on a display

We believe that companies often use too many poor raw materials and materials to pack their products. For example, blister packs are often used with other brands to pack up and present the saw blades. This is not a good development at all, when the packaging is opened they take it right away. This then ends up with the waste again. Then this heap will have to be processed again, the entire process is detrimental to the environment. There is also a lot in nature, here the animals and plants can suffer.

Our packaging is therefore completely stripped of blister material. We made this possible by making the choice to present the sheets separately. This means that you do not have to make a piece of packaging each and every one, which already saves a lot of plastic. People often buy multiple sheets, it would be a bit of nonsense to use plastic every time. Because of this presentation method, we contribute to a sustainable form of packaging, something that will gradually become the standard. However, we are still one of the only ones to tackle this in this way, this says something about the other companies

Even less plastic

Our intention is to use even less plastic in the future when packaging our products. In this way we can reduce the impact on the environment even more. Sustainability is important, more and more researches are coming up that we are really destroying the earth. This is mainly due to the frequent use of plastic, so we do not want to work with this. If you order something at Multiblade, then you will at least be sure that you will not have a bad influence on nature and the climate. Multiblade, quality products delivered and produced in a completely sustainable way!