An alternative to the Starlock

The Starlock is well known this year, many DIY stores have these in the range. You can also see the Starlock as a sort of uniform storage system for the multitools. Multitools are of course very useful, but normally you are still busy with changing the attachments. This is changing with the Starlock technique. These attachments are only relatively expensive, so we have therefore developed an alternative that does not detract from the well-known brand. Let’s see what the benefits are.

The technique behind the Starlock

Well, the Starlock is a uniform storage system from the makers of Bosch and Fein. These brands have decided to simplify the operation of multitools, as a customer you can use your device in a pleasant way. This innovative system allows the user to remove and change the various attachments in no time. It is simply the case that you will almost always need various types of tools. One time you have to see, the other time it is necessary to sand something. With the Starlock you can make your multitool even more universal in an easy way. You can click the attachment that you need much easier on your tool.

There are numerous types of attachments that you can purchase for the device, virtually all these attachments will also fit. When we look specifically at the devices that are compatible with the Starlock technology, we arrive at the following brands: Bosch, Fein, Makita, Milwaukee, Ridgid and Rockwell. These are also the better known brands of the market.

A cheap alternative

The makers of the Starlock have, of course, only too well aware that this technology will be the standard for the multitools. It makes it easier to use. This does, however, mean that they charge considerably high prices for the Starlock, so many a handyman will not switch to this new technique. We have therefore started to make a cheaper alternative, an alternative that works just as well as the original Starlock. By means of this alternative it is therefore possible for everyone to use his or her multitool in the most optimal way.

At it is possible to purchase all these attachments and accessories for the multitools at a low price. The technique behind the Starlock is great, so you certainly can not stay behind as a handyman. By means of this technique, the jobs will go even faster than before, changing attachments has never been easier. Get our Starlock alternative today and discover all the advantages that this special technique has to offer!