About us

Nice that you want to know more about our company! Let’s start at the beginning, who are we from Multiblade right now? Our company is still relatively young, since 2012 we have been busy offering a revolutionary form of job equipment. We saw that there was a great need for a universal connection for oscillating multitools. However, nobody wants to spend a fortune on this, so we thought it was time for an alternative. At this moment in our assortment you can find various types of accessories for these Multitools, only those of us are a lot cheaper than those of the competitor.

The productionproces

All our products are made in Asia, Switzerland, Germany and Poland. This extensive production process ensures that you always have a quality product in your hands. After all, it is about equipment at the job, it may not be substandard. Because of our high quality, as a customer you also have that extra bit of certainty about your purchase

Our prospect 

We are of course not finished with developing, at the moment we are looking at an expansion in the field of magazines. This extension also includes a complete line with handsaws, so you can use your multitool for even more occasions. The demand for this unique form of attachments continues to rise, so there will also be a lot to come in the future. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. Multiblade, just as good as high-quality brands but much cheaper!

Saws always last a long time and the range is more than adequate.

construction company from Drachten