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Here you can find all types of hacksaw products available from Multiblade. Our hacksaw has a teflon coating, this ensures that the blade will not break off quickly and that you can enjoy it for longer. At this moment you can choose a type of saw, but it is also possible to go for the replacement blades. With these new replacement blades you do not have to buy a new saw right away but you can equip your already purchased saw with a new hacksaw blade. This can save you a lot of money in the long run, would still be a bit of a shame if after a while you have dozens of sawdusts in the shed. Our metal saw is 300mm long and has a toothing of 24 TPI. This makes it an ideal sort of saw for the chores that just use that extra bit of precision. In addition, it is so that our saw has a very nice handle, this gives you no more cramp during sawing. You can also store more than 6 spare blades at the saw, a bone blade is never needed! Unlike a normal saw, you can easily cut a precise shape with a Multiblade hacksaw. Work with the Multiblade metal saws, the best purchase you can do!

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