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The chances are fairly high that you have to start grinding something during DIY or renovation. At Multiblade you can find the best sharpening multitool accessories, on this page you can see which grinding attachments are all available at the moment. All our attachments are provided with the best quality material that can be used, making the execution of a job much easier. At this moment there is the choice between three types of sharpening attachments: the sickle shape, the whole circle and the semi-circle. All forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, this makes it an ideal product to combine with each other. This way you will be able to perform the required grinding work for every job. You can use the sharpening attachments for various types of jobs. Here you can think of grinding joints, putty or finishing stone-like materials. All our multitools can be attached to the multitool within a few seconds, this also makes it possible to alternate between attachments. This ensures that you can do your job in less time, we think that every handyman will find this a big advantage. For a wide range of sharpening accessories for the multitool, Multiblade is the right place for you

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