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Sanding, it’s a job that is not always fun to do. This is the reason why it is important that you make it as easy as possible for yourself. By means of multiblade multitool accessories for sanding, it is now possible to have the sanding done within a much faster time. On this page you can see all attachments that are suitable for a multitool, these attachments make it possible to sand in the most powerful way. Are you actually looking for sandpaper? Here on the site we have enough species to find, definitely check it out! The sanding attachments that you see here have a nice size, making it easy to get home at home. We have the Starlock models, but we also offer a cheaper alternative from Multiblade. Before you start sanding, it is useful to put in front of yourself what kind of surfaces have to be sanded, this is important when choosing one of the attachments. By choosing the attachments, deer is no longer necessary to have a separate sanding machine, you can now perform all sanding operations with the use of a single multitool. The attachments of Multiblade make sanding a lot easier than before!

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