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On this page you can find all kinds of hand tools. Here on the site you can also find a considerable number of products. In this category of products you will find the handsaws in the first place. These saws are always of the best saw quality, a job has never been easier. You can choose from the handsaw itself or from a replacement of the blade, this makes it possible to provide an already purchased saw with a better blade. You will also find the hacksaws here, these are of course not to be missed in the arsenal of a good handyman. Again you can choose from the complete saw or for the individual saw blades, we can use any kind of hacksaw. Finally you can find the sizes here, the advantage of our size is that it is more than 5 meters long. It also has a magnetic hook, making the measurement just a little easier when you are on your own doing a job. Hand tools are ideal for the everyday chores, for the larger jobs you can still better choose a multitool. But for sawing boards and cutting to size, you are here at the right address!

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