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Multiblade specializes in the various types of multitool. These attachments are always the best addition for every kind of multitool. This technique is similar to the Starlock technique, but the accessories you see on the page are a lot cheaper than this mentioned variant. If we look at the attachments, there are various categories that can be discovered. In the first place, it is possible to buy attachments for scraping during work. This allows you to scrape off paint or scrape off something similar from walls without problems. Various sanding attachments are also available, which of course speak for themselves. This also applies to the accessories related to grinding. The cutting multitool handles are an ideal addition for everyone with its Multi tool arsenal. Finally you can still look for the saw attachments, these sizes vary widely and there will be a saw for every job that will meet your expectations. By choosing multitool accessories, you can perform a wide range of tasks using a single multitool. This makes it possible to work extremely meticulously during the renovation process, jobs had never been easier than now!

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